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On March 12th, Chula Vista will celebrate California Arbor Day with a Centennial event led by the Environmental Sub-Committee and the Chula Vista Garden Club.  One hundred lemon trees will be planted throughout the city. Each tree will be certified and stories about the trees and owners will become part of our history and heritage.

Earlier this month, the City of Chula Vista's City Council declared the "Lemon Tree" as the City's official tree. Lemons were the first major agricultural crop and in the early part of the 20th Century, Chula Vista was known as the "Lemon Capitol of the World". The city was filled with lemon orchards and the packing houses brimming with a unique, thin skinned, sweet lemon valued by many. Today, the commercial lemon groves have moved out of the city, but private gardens and farmers markets keep the lemon on our tables.

On Saturday the 12th, Chula Vistans will pick up their tree at the Hilltop Tabernacle Church. The City's arborist, Paul Sirois will give a demonstration on the planting and caring for the trees. Volunteers are available to help the new tree owners with their treasure.  The Arbor Day Lemon Tree event has been supported by the Hilltop Tabernacle Church which staged the pick-up event, Durling Nursery who gave us the trees at their cost, the Chula Vista Garden Club for their support, and many local businesses who donated supplies and support.

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